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As a leading publisher of legal education material, Trial Guides needed a corporate presence with better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and product navigation to drive online sales.

To better understand the specific needs of their customers we began by entrenching ourselves in the hectic life of a legal professional. This deeper level of understanding helped us to realize that there were several areas for improvement. By rebranding the company with a fresh logo, color pallet, and typographic style, across their entire product lineup, we were able to unify the companies overarching brand.

Taking what we had learned in the rebranding process, we applied the same concepts to their new website. Beginning with categorizing their product lineup into segmented categories that made products easier to find by media type (i.e. books, video, and audio products). We then developed two new categories for seminars and authors, which were of interest to many in the profession. As online revenue increased over 200% in the first year alone, the results were almost instantly noticeable.