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Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and Principles of Design

There has been a lot of talk about interface design with the latest releases of operating systems for smartphones including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Popular interface styles have recently come in and out of fashion like skeuomorphism and flat design. Skeuomorphism focuses on making design elements represent their real world counterparts. Flat design focuses…
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Wireframe Process

Wireframe Design Process

Early in the design process, after creating user personas, we develop wireframes for a website or user interface (UI). A wireframe is a simple drawing consisting of lines, boxes, and simple grayscale graphics depicting page elements, organizing its content and communicating hierarchical structure. The wireframe design process provides numerous benefits to the client, designers, and…
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Email Marketing Retention

Email Marketing Essentials: Retention

We have previously covered how to acquire email subscribers, convert them into customers, and how to keep them engaged with your email marketing program. In our final installment, we will talk about email retention, how to re-engage your subscribers, and how to clean your subscriber list to improve your email delivery. Blog Posts in this…
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Email Marketing Engagement

Email Marketing Essentials: Engagement

We previously discussed the basics of email acquisition and conversion. Now let’s look at how to keep your subscribers engaged with your brand by messaging and targeting subscribers’ interests. Blog Posts in this Series Part 1: Acquisition Part 2: Conversion Part 3: Engagement Part 4: Retention Email Marketing — Part 3: Engagement Your subscribers’ inboxes…
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Email Marketing Acquisition

Email Marketing Essentials: Acquisition

Email marketing is an essential part of any comprehensive marketing program. Understanding the various ways in which you can implement new strategies around your email marketing program is key to growing your revenue. We will investigate ways you can improve your website and email campaigns to obtain new customers, retain existing customers, and improve open…
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42 Questions to Ask When Developing User Personas

When you’re kicking off any major website or product, identifying the target users with personas is an essential step of designing relevant, well-informed solutions. Personas are imaginary user profiles that marketing and user experience designers create to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic. Each persona might use a website or product in…
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