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New Website Launch!

After spending the last year talking about the ways in which we were improving our website for an upcoming redesign, we are happy to announce that our new website has launched! The website sports a modern WordPress theme along with plenty of under-the-hood advancements. We want to take a moment to reflect upon our process and a couple things that we have learned along the way.

Good Content Takes Time

One of the biggest aspects we had to overcome with the new website was the content. Besides the obvious task of making the website visually engaging through better typography and image presentation, we wanted to overhaul the content to be more relevant to our readers. Thinking specifically about who we were writing the content for and how to appropriately organize it to tell a compelling story. This took an immense amount of effort to create a logical structure for the content throughout the website. This was originally detailed in Content First Design: Our Story. Since that article was published, a good portion of the content has been reorganized multiple times to tell a more compelling story.

Allocate Internal Resources

The redesign was an internal marketing effort and didn’t have a budget which meant that it took a back seat to client work. This raised challenges throughout the development process. In fact, development would cease for months at a time because we did not have internal resources dedicated to it. Then, when development would resume, we would lose a day familiarizing ourselves again with the content, code, and project plan. This was a big lesson for us. We plan to have an allocated budget and resources the next time we undertake a large internal marketing effort like this.

Launch is the Beginning

When a new website launches, the true work begins. From reviewing analytic data to see if your conversion rates are reaching their targets to how the website is performing in search for specific keywords, refining your site’s content and code to perform optimally is an ongoing process. Along with the addition of new features, blog posts, and maintenance updates, the website becomes something that you have to constantly nurture to achieve the best results.

Read more about our recent website redesign through the articles in this series and stay tuned to see what new features we have in the pipeline as we continue to bring more value to our readers.

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