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5 Steps to Better Social Media Posts

Social media is a great way to connect with your readers but it provides you with a minuet amount of time to engage them before their attention has moved on to the next post. Increase reader engagement and improve conversion rates by following these five steps to better social media posts.

1. Use Images & Video

The most important thing that anyone can do for increasing social media impressions is to include a featured image or video in each post. Using interesting and/or humorous images are more likely to catch the reader’s attention as they are scrolling through their feed. In fact, posts that include a photo or video receive 94% more views and get a 37% higher level of reader engagement.

2. Use a Catchy Title

A short catchy title that uses good topic specific keywords will grab more reader’s attention. Most individuals on social media skim through the new posts in their feed. This provides you with only a second to entice them into reading the post. Magazine covers are a great resource for title inspiration as they make use of short catchy headlines to draw people in to purchasing them while they wait in the checkout line.

3. Relate to your Audience

Always post about topics that your reader’s are interested in and doesn’t stray too far from your core topic area. It is also beneficial to explore using voice and tone in your writing style. It should be natural while reflecting the brands’ values and the subject matter that you are posting about. Remember that voice and tone can vary from serious to funny and depending upon the topic can illicit an emotional connection with the reader.

4. Use a Call-to-action

An interesting call-to-action can peak a reader’s interest prompting them to click-through a link to a website or have them sign up for an email newsletter. By using words that generate excitement such as “free” or “today only”, you can increase reader engagement and improve conversion rates.

5. Use a URL Shortener

With character space at a premium in social media posts, URL shortening services like, Google URL Shortener and make it easier to achieve an acceptable character count and help you learn more about your readers. These services often provide analytics on your social media click-through rates, providing you with a more complete picture of your conversion funnel.

You will begin to gain valuable analytic insights, grow your readership and improve your social media conversion rate with these five steps to better social media posts. Try these steps out on your next post and let us know about the difference you experience.

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